5 Major Reasons for Bleeding Gums

Ever noticed blood while brushing? This is nothing but a case of bleeding gums. Although bleeding gums could have different levels of seriousness, it is always better to consult a doctor as soon as you notice the problem to avoid any possible complications in the future. There are many reasons for bleeding gums. Some are temporary and some a major matter concern that needs a doctor’s words of wisdom. Some of the possible causes are stated below.

Bleeding Gums


Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease. This is usually caused due to the negligence of plaque on your teeth and gumline while brushing or flossing. When this infection occurs, your gums tend to become swollen and tender and may also bleed while brushing in some instances. However, as this disease is in its initial stages, it is possible to take some measures to treat it on your own by brushing and flossing correctly on a regular basis and also preferably regular dental check-ups.


The American Dental Association has listed out a number of blood-thinning medications that are a possible cause of bleeding gums in individuals who consume them. This is so as these medications decrease the blood’s ability to clot and this can lead to easier bleeding of gums. In such as case it is always better to let your doctor know of this problem so that they can suggest changes in the medicines you’re prescribed or provide medications to counter the effect instead.

New Flossing Routine

A change in your flossing routine may also be the cause of your bleeding gums. For instance, if you have forgotten to floss in the last few days or have newly made regular flossing a routine to remove plaque and maintain dental hygiene, it is possible to experience bleeding in both these cases of routine change. However, in this case, the bleeding is temporary and will clear up in a week’s time.

New Toothbrush

It’s not often that we switch toothbrushes, but when we do, it may surprise us with bleeding gums. Sometimes switching from a soft-bristled toothbrush to a hard -bristled toothbrush could lead to sudden pressure and cause bleeding. So it’s always better to take a dentist’s opinion on the type of brush that’s suitable for you in order to avoid frequent dental issues.


Pregnancy Gingivitis

In some cases, the first case of gingivitis can also be experienced differently by pregnant women. They experience swollen and bleeding gums while brushing and this is caused in pregnant women due to hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body that alter the body’s response to the bacteria that causes gum disease. However, these symptoms mostly tend to clear up post pregnancy following which a regular dental checkup and a brushing and flossing routine will keep away all dental issues.